About us

The quality of seed is the beginning of a good start in producing food, a range of natural resources and a green environment. Due to changing climatic and economic factors in combination with a growth of the human population in the world, the quality of seeds becomes even more important in the future. Therefore, research in seed technology is mandatory to achieve challenges where we have to deal with in the near future.

"We enable seed enhancement research"

Innoveins Seed Solutions B.V. is a company who is focussing in providing support and research programs on seed technology for the agrochemical, seed and field services industry. We combine knowledge of coating, priming and fenotyping with high tech facilities to support on specific seed technological challanges and product development.

The power of collaboration

As part of the Botany group we are proud to collaborate and combine knowledge on outdoor and indoor trials for seed treatment screening. Botany has over 15 years of experience as a CRO and thus is a good partner to be able to cover a complete, fast and efficient product development process  for our clients

Our shareholders

The shareholders of Innoveins seed solutions are Peter Korsten and Niels Peeters, together they combine young and advanced entrepeneurship together with knowledge concerning seed technology or biological tests. The daily management of innoveins seed solutions is done by Niels Peeters .