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Crop protection 

Within our crop protection solutions assortment we a providing R&D companies with affordable and fast screenings for ​new ( biological) crop protection products. 

Innoveins has unique know-how how to test biological products

Crop protection and biocontrol studies can be done under GEP and biostimulation projects can be done according to the FPR regulations

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Fungicide testing

  1. EC50-EC90  evaluation of new active ingredients + biologicals

  2. Petridish invitro efficacy screening 

  3. In planta efficacy trials for screening in small boxes

  4. In planta efficacy trials for registration in large boxes

  5. Seed safety screening in stack trays

  6. Evaluation with seed borne disease inoculation

Insecticide testing

  1. LD50-LD90  evaluation of new active ingredients + biologicals

  2. In planta efficacy studies in small boxes

  3. In planta efficacy studies in large boxes for registration

  4. Insecticide systemic distribution trials

  5. Seed safety studies in stack trays

  6. Repellency testing with worm species

  7. IRAC resistancy screening

Herbicide testing

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1. EC50/EC90 studies for new herbicides

2. Selectivity lab studies

3. Laboratory efficacy screening in selected weed species

4. Surfactant efficacy screening for herbicide. update and distribution

5. dispatch and pre-treatment of weed seeds

6. resistance of weeds against herbicides

7. resistance of varieties against herbicides

Microbial products

  1. Storage and stability studies

  2. CFU testing

  3. Outgrow - Viability testing

  4. PCR analysis (qpcr)

Nematicide testing

  1. LD50-LD90  evaluation of new active ingredients + biologicals

  2. In planta and in vivo efficacy testing

  3. Nematode production and multiplication


Innoveins seed solutions is also a service provider who is serving the european field trial industry with inoculation, seed and seed treatment products to increase the quality and harmonisation of field trials across europe

European field trial support


Seed treatment services

  1. GEP trial coating including dispatch services ( 1 g/batch - 100 kg/batch)

  2. Batch coating of variety trials

  3. Encrustment and pelleting services

Inoculum production

  1. production of pathogens by using bioreactor technology

  2. Inoculation of seeds with seed borne diseases

  3. Dispatch and protocol improvement with liquid inoculum

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