Seed batch analysis and sorting


Seed batch characterisation

For seed companies we can perform a full analysis on a seed batch based on X-ray, RGB, CF, multispectral and hyperspectral cameras. we can verify certain characteristics and can correlate seedling data with seed data. a report is given with a full data report including analysis. a possible sorting protocol can be made out of this.

Purity analysis

With our multispectral and hyperspectral we are able to sort out and indentify weed seeds or other impurities into seed batches. a sorting between good en less seed batches can be made which then need further inspection.

Liquid density sorting

We deliver a service were we develop liquid density sorting by using chloroform/hexane, or other more sustainable agents to make different fractions and test the quality of each fraction. The goal of this service is to develop protocols for liquid density sorting. This sorting can then be further verified by our X-ray analyser. 

Priming recipe development and optimalisation


Protocol optimalisation

We deliver a service were we can optimalize an excisting priming protocol. in case a recipe does not work properly for a cerain variety or batch we have facility to be an extension for your R&D department and optimalize a protocol. 

Protocol development

We deliver a service were we can develop a priming protocol for a new crop or variety. We take the standard ingredients for priming and we start building a recipe step by step by using compounds such as hormones, osmoticums, amino acids and/or enzymes. 


Precision germination testing

Germination assay

With our plant phenotyping tool we are able to count and assess germination automatically. at the end we deliver a report with indicates the germination, speed of germination, uniformity and seedling surface. This assay is perfect to determine priming effects, upgrading effects or seed treatment effects.

Climate chamber testing

With our state of the art climate system we are able to test 6 different climates and conditions next to each other. which is an ultimate test to do as a high throughput screening of seed lots or seed lots treated with specific seed coatings or seed priming.