Seed priming research


Seed priming is another pillar of Innoveins seed solutions who is supporting seed companies and contractors to improve uniformity and seedling quality of seed batches. with our machinery we deliver services to conduct osmotic priming, matrix priming and biopriming. IP and ownership of developped recipes are always property of our client, we work on a lump sum basis and do not work with any licences.



Recipe development service

to improve germination rates, break dormany and improve uniformity of seed batches priming applications can be developped. Innoveins seed solutions supports seed companies and contractors to develop recipes, we combine knowledge of both parties to make a research set-up, apply treatments and test effectiveness afterwards. After a succesfull trial a complete report with recipes will be handed over to the client.



Recipe optimalisation service

in processing department sometimes protocols need to optimalized or adjusted due to variety differences. Innoveins seed solutions supports those departments with reliable research for optimalisation. We adjust the protocol together with the client, we conduct treatments and test the effectiveness afterwards.