Seed coating research


Coating is one of our main pillars within Innoveins Seed solutions, we provide services for companies who develop or conduct research on agrochemicals, biopesticides, coating materials such as pigments, (bio)polymers and adhesives and seeds ( field, vegetable and ornamental crops. We provide the following services:



Formulation development

For both seed companies and companies who develop coating products or ingredients we support in formulation development. For those companies we can test and implement ingredients in template formulations or develop a full recipe based on a new active or biological. We are able to test those recipes afterwards on coating quality standards such as dust-off,flowability, Germinatebility and efficacy on lab and field scale.



Coating for field and registration trials

Innoveins seed solutions is GEP/TNG accreditated via our daughter company Botany/Exploras. That means that we are allowed to apply non-registered products onto seeds for experimental practices. We apply products onto seeds, check germination rates, package and ship seeds to contractors selected by you around europe for registration and/or screening trials.



Coating for breeding and seed production trials

Seeds for export to various breeding trial or seed production locations need to be protected against soil or seed borne diseases. We deliver as additional service to seed companies, seed production contractors, contractors and seed testing labs, to coat research batches with coating products including the arrangement of dispatch to locations across europe