Seed treatment Application machinery

We are equiped with treatment machenery to treat very small too relatively big trial batches ranging from 50 grams - 50 kg of seed for field crop and vegetable crop coating, pelleting and encrustment

Seed priming machinery

We are also equipped with osmotic, drum and solid matrix priming materials to cover all technologies the market uses to upgrade and stimulate seed germination quantity and speed. we can influence germination by changing the priming temperature, humidity, light condition, aeriation and chemical composition of the priming matrix.

Seed phenotyping equipement

we have data collector from SeQso in our service portfolio. With this machinery we can look into seeds by using X-ray, RGB, CF, Multispectral and Hyperspectral technology. we can test a broad range of parameters on a single seed basis and correlate this to seed germination quanitity and quality by using correlation statistics

Phytopathology laboratory

We have with our base within the botany group a decent experience in working with pathogen and inoculate those onto seed and soil. our laboratory is equipped with experience and machinery to scale up pathogens and conduct reliable tests

Plant phenotyping

We have equipement in our laboratory from Aris of which we can analyse seeds by using rgb and multispectral camera's. By having this machinery we can do very precise measurements on plants an can make very small differences visible.

State of the art growing facilities

We have growing equipent available from august 2021 on in which we can test 6 different climate conditions next to each other to test seed treatments and herbicides for efficacy or seed safety. those climate chambers are equipent with full control of the climate including LED lights