Coat Solutions

Our research is aimed at services in seed coating, where we offer to treat small batches with actives, fertilizers, biologicals and coating adjuvants for research purposes. Coatings can be applied to support and investigate recipe development of coatings, to test feasibility and behavior of new potential coating products or to treat batches under GEP for registration trials. 


Feasibility study

We support in product development. We coat new potential products on seeds to test feasibility and characteristics. This can either be a pesticide, fertilizer, bio stimulant or other coating additive which potentially supports or enhances the quality of a performance. We can provide a coating together with the execution of a feasibility trial. 


Recipe development

When a potential product is selected, a recipe for a seed coating needs to be developed. We support in treating small batches with various recipes and test the performance of coatings under various circumstances. Moreover, performance on seed health, growth promotion and crop safety can be tested. 


Coating for registration procedures

When new actives or biologicals need to be registered as a legal crop protection product, products need to be tested. Innoveins Seed Solutions treats research batches with experimental products, packs and labels the batches properly and supports in the distribution of trial batches to various countries.


Prime Solutions

Our research services in seed priming supports development of priming recipes in all types of seeds. We treat various small batches of seed with multiple priming recipes and carry out proper and independent research to test the efficacy of the treatments.

Recipe development

Innoveins Seed Solutions is able to prime small batches of seeds with various recipes. Additionally, we perform tests on effectiveness and performance of treated seed after long term storage or deteriorated seeds. 


Desinfection screening 

Together with a priming or as a single disinfection we can test the efficacy of a disinfection treatment on a specific type of disease. We do this by performing specific disinfection processes in combination with efficacy screening on lab or field scale. 

Sort and Phenotype


Feasibility study

Many techniques have the potential to sort or phenotype seeds. Innoveins Seed Solutions tests the potential of new techniques and investigates the integration of new technologies together with technology developers in current operation processes. 

Seed sorting research

We provide our customers with crop or variety specific sorting research. Additionally, we have the ability to test various existing sorting techniques and test the quality of sorting on lab or field scale.

Visual examination

Innoveins Seed Solutions is able to support in germination tests on lab, field, greenhouse or climate chambers for seed quality testing. Additionally, we are able to unburden quality assurance departments by performing regular seed quality tests.


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