The quality of seed is the beginning of a good start in producing food, a range of natural resources and a green environment. Due to changing climatic and economic factors in combination with a growth of the human population in the world, the quality of seeds becomes even more important in the future. Therefore, research in seed technology is mandatory to achieve challenges where we have to deal with in the near future.

“We enable Seed Technology research”

Innoveins Seed Solutions is the new company and new partner in research on seed technology, which focusses on performing seed technological research for the seed industry, agrochemical industry and technology suppliers. Innoveins Seed Solutions is offering research services to test seed coatings, agrochemical and biochemical seed treatments (TNG/GEP), Priming, seed sorting equipment and phenotyping of seeds. Innoveins Seed solutions is a joint venture with Botany B.V. who has more than 15 years of experience in offering research services in the agricultural and horticultural industry. Innoveins Seed solution is a partner of Innoveins R&D activities.

“The Power of collaboration”

We believe that collaboration and augmentation are the foundational principles of innovation, due to this belief we are part of Innoveins R&D activities and are continuously searching to collaborate in commercial research and working closely with our clients to reach short and long terms research goals to empower innovation.

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Niels Peeters
Director and seed specialist
Innoveins Seed Solutions B.V.

E-mail: niels.peeters@innoveinsseedsolutions.com

Phone: +31(0)655162805

Peter Korsten
Plant specialist and CEO Botany B.V.

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